Nina Radovanovic - profesionalni sminker - o meni


Nina RadovanoviC

Professional makeup artist


For me, doing makeup has never been just a matter of correcting defects on the face. Simple, daily makeup, as well as professional makeup, is always an exciting and creative experience.


I finished Dragan Vurdelja makeup school in 2008, and remained there as his assistant. After that I finished a few makeup seminars and further enhanced my knowledge. I soon begin to work independently on various projects. These years have been very valuable for me, because I learned a lot, met interesting people and got introduced to new ways of working.


During all these years, I had the immense good fortune to get a chance to try out all kinds of work, and to work with all major photographers from our area - such as Mark Todorovic Nikola Ilic, Milos Nadaždin, Misha Obradovic, Mike Knezevic, Braca Nadeždić, Nebojsa Babic, Sever Zolak and many others.


The projects I was working on:


  • Cooperation with marketing agencies: Kreativa, New Moment, Mediacom
  •  Make-up for various print campaigns
  •  Make-up for Books
  •  Magazines: Lepota i Zdravlje, Elle, Best Shop, The Men, Joy, Kuca Stil
  •  Working for a video production
  •  Fashion shows at Fashion Weeks
  •  Makeup for weddings and other events


I love doing fashion makeup, because it leaves room for creativity, but equally enjoy doing, and find inspirational, when girls wear make-up for their special celebrations.

I believe that if I dedicate to each client, with the same level of care and consideration, any makeup I do will become a small work of art.
If you want to work with me, contact me via phone or email in order to make an appointment on time.

Be sure to schedule by phone  +381645175002
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